The unique Striatter 1000 tool enables the automatic creating of striagrams for samples of glass sheets. A striagram represents a graphic interpretation of striae, bubbles and other inhomogeneities in glass. Each striagram is carried out throughout the thick of the glass sheet samples measured and along their full length. The assessment of the striagrams produced then enables an evaluation of the quality of flat glass or for testing for regular, uniform colouring. Striatter 1000 has been designed for reliable operation under regular operating conditions, without the need to lower the light in the measurement room for testing in any way. The operator performs testing in an effective and comfortable manner, without any unnecessary constraints. The Striatter 1000 striagraph is mounted on the surface of a workbench. This workbench forms an integral part of the entire system as delivered. The workbench frame holds the distribution box containing electrical equipment for controlling the motion of the camera and the light source. The workbench top is provided with an LCD monitor and a keyboard as required by the operator. There is a standard PC fitted on a rack beneath the workbench top. Once the application is running, the LCD monitor shows the user interface menu for controlling the entire system. The operator then uses the personal computer to enter the identification data of the test performed as well as characteristics of the glass sample. The next step deals with launching the glass sample scanning cycle. Sample scanning produces a record of individual snapshots along the inserted glass sheet sample. The sample is represented by a 5 to 25 mm wide strip of glass from the glass sheet subject to testing. If the length of the separated glass sample exceeds 1000 mm, it needs to be split into several parts. The prepared glass sample is placed into a glass container in the top part of the striagraph and centred on the marks on the pad. The side walls of the sample containing container are made of glass with no optical defects. The container is then filled with an immersion liquid, with a refraction index identical to the refraction index verified on the glass sample being measured. The immersion liquid ensures the efficient elimination of light reflection on the cutting edges of the glass sample. Automatic assembly of individual snapshots and the generation of a full striagram of the glass sample is completed once the scanning operations have finished. The striagram is generated simultaneously with a test report. Any striagrams and reports saved can be viewed using the software delivered with the Striatter 1000 striagraph and evaluated further.

Basic data

  • Type identification:STRIATTER 1000
  • Current type:1-phase, alternating
  • Frequency:50 Hz
  • nominal operating voltage:230 V
  • Power consumption:0,3 kW
  • Nominal current:10 A
  • Short circuit resistance:< 10 kA
  • Control circuit voltage:24 V=
  • Distribution network:TN-S, PE+N 230 50Hz
  • Protection:IP 42
  • Dimensions (LxHxW):2100x900x750 mm
  • Weight:approx. 150 kg
  • Glass sample thickness:3 to 12 mm
  • Glass sample width:5 to 25 mm
  • Glass sample length:200 to 1000 mm
  • Transmittance:10 to 100%
  • Immersion liquid:Cargille type 5040
  • Operating conditions:normal, for indoor installations

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